Code of ethics

Coaching is an ongoing partnership, which materializes through a series of conversations either face-to-face or by telephone, and which enables the client to precisely define the personal and professional projects that he or she wishes to accomplish, to find and implement the most effective means of producing the results necessary for the realization of his or her projects.


The coach is committed to supporting his client unconditionally in the change process that he or she is undertaking.

The coach has underdone specialized training in coaching, validated by a certification that he has successful completed. He maintains his knowledge up-to-date throughout his activity.

The coach has himself underdone coaching in order to accomplish one or more personal or professional projects.

The coach calls upon the assistance of another coach to supervise his practice.

From the beginning of the coaching relationship, the coach ensures that the client perfectly understands the terms of the coaching agreement established between them, as well as the allocation of responsibilities between the coach and the client.

When his client is not the prescriber of the coaching action, the coach ensures that the former agrees to undergo coaching services.

The coach is bound by professional secrecy.

The coach must obtain approval from the clients the name of which he would like to use as a reference.

The coach does not seek to influence the will of his client, does not render him or her dependent, but, on the contrary, is careful to develop his or her autonomy of thought and decision-making.

The coach is responsible for the process that he implements in order to assist his client in the realization of his or her project for change. The client is responsible for the decisions that he or she makes and for the actions that he or she takes.

If the coach perceives the possibility of a conflict of interests with his client, he clarifies this point with him or her immediately, and they decide jointly if the coaching can continue or not.